All your metrics in one place. Integrate the tools you are already using to create custom dashboards and push key metrics to Slack.
Easily post jobs to university job boards. Reach new talent pools and hire tomorrow’s leaders, today.
Reliable resume parser with a modern API.
Build simple, elegant product roadmaps without all the collaboration and project management bloat. Create and share beautiful roadmaps your colleagues…
Supercharge your sales team with up-to-date data. Outsource and automate data collection to real humans. Only pay when you are happy with the results.
Notification preferences as a service. Empower companies to build a powerful email, push and SMS preference centre. Customise using our API and…
Own the relationship with your viewers and subscribers. Retain your subs with personalised engagement and grow your channel.
A simple employee engagement platform for the remote work place. Empower managers to stay in touch with how their teams are feeling with regular…
Monetise your social following with short attractive URLs. Brand and customise your links to increase engagement and sell any digital product.
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Simple and secure Live Streaming for schools. Reliably stream assemblies, sports and school events to parents and the school community.
A simple, powerful API for automating interactions on social media.